Time Change Of Presale 3, The Furio Pump and Dump Tax and Audit

The primary purpose of the Furio ROI is to provide everyone with an entry to the Furio Ecosystem. This ROI is designed to function in a stable secure manner with as much protection as can be reasonably provided.

The Ecosystem is designed to be global and open to all on a fair and non-discriminatory basis.

If ANYBODY is unhappy with the implementation of the pump and dump tax and wishes to change their mind on the purchase of presale 1 and 2 NFTs we will offer a refund if you let us know prior to the launch date of presale 3.

Presale 3 — Thursday 19th May 15.00UTC

In response to requests from the Far East Furio community we have made a change to the time so that it is within reasonable hours for everyone (previously it would have been at 3am in South Korea). It has been brought forward by 3 hours.

Pump and Dump Tax

This is the final pre launch change that we intend to introduce and we believe this is a total innovation. From day 1 we have made it clear with the penalties for bad participants and extra incentives for good participants that we are firmly committed to encouraging behaviour that benefits everyone.

There is absolutely no change in the sales tax for anyone at max payout or anyone with a positive strategy.

This tax is not just a launch tax but a permanent tax.

ANY WALLET that is looking to sell FUR tokens and has no FUR in the vault will be charged a sales tax of 50%.

Any wallet that is looking to sell FUR tokens where the sale of tokens is greater than 25% of the number of tokens in the vault will be charged a sales tax of 50% and all wallets are allowed a max of one sales transaction per day.

This is not designed to penalise any of the good participants it is just there to stop anyone putting a few FUR in the vault to get around the pump and dump tax.

Lets just say you had 100 tokens in the vault you can sell 25 in one transaction at the standard tax rate of 10%. Even if you are a 6 to 1 participant at 2.25% and claimed after 7 days you could claim and sell and not pay any additional tax.

Why 1 sales transaction per day ?. Technically someone could try and get round the P and D tax. If you had 1000FUR tokens and put 100 in the vault you could then just keep selling in batches of 25. This way it would take 36 days to do so, diminishes any potential price impact and disincentivises anyone who doesn’t want to participate in the ROI.

Remember this is per sales transaction and will have absolutely no impact on good participants and remember this is based on a percentage.

If you have achieved 28 day straight 2.5% participation your wallet is automatically cleared the same way as at max payout for funds generated. If you have waited 28 days to achieve 2.5% then you are a good participant.

Good participant — no additional sales tax.

Max payout — no additional sales tax.

28 day compounder / none claimer— 2.5% ROI and no additional sales tax.

Want to pump and dump — it’s not what the Furio community want !!! You will pay the additional tax.

Any “pump and dump” tax collected will be used pro-rata to normal sales tax usage.

We would repeat that if ANYBODY is unhappy with these decisions and wishes to change their mind on the purchase of presale 1 and 2 NFTs we will offer a refund if you let us know prior to the launch date of presale 3.

The Audit

We have been finalising the mechanics of the first stage in the Furio Ecosystem and the contractual changes that need to go with this. Having evaluated what various audit teams are available to offer we have concluded that Solidity appear to offer the best route forward.

We hope you like these final announcements and thank you for your continued interest and support.


Furio Rewards Responsibility

Participation in any project within the Furio Ecosystem is entirely at your own discretion and we strongly advise that conduct your own research and read all available information such as the white paper. Please remember that crypto currencies and the performance of projects carry no guarantee and you should not take on unnecessary risk. Participation in the Furio Ecosystem should not be considered as financial advise under any circumstances, it is a rewards based system to be used by individual community members as they see fit.



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